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Samantha (Sam) Heyer is the co-founder and Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Habitats by Kat and a licensed Real Estate broker in Colorado. After almost ten years working in the communications/public relations industry, Sam is utilizing her communications, client service and leadership expertise to help clients navigate the Real Estate market and assist with leisure travel needs.
Habitats by Kat combines real estate, travel and hospitality, while empowering others with the same passions to become their own CEO. HBK provides consultants access to book luxury real estate for clients to travel the world and truly experience it.
Sam was raised in Massachusetts, went to college in the small town of Oxford, OH, moved to New York City for five years’ post-college where she met her husband, Phil, before the mountains called and she relocated to Denver, CO in 2016. Sam’s parents were business owners and growing up Sam and her twin sister, Kat, were exposed to the many facets of entrepreneurship.
In her professional life, Sam immersed herself into the communications and public relations industry, specifically in healthcare. Sam has always been a curious person, always looking to learn more and grow, which lead her to make a big move for herself and her career – becoming a Real Estate agent in the state she now calls home and joining her sister to continue to build Habitats by Kat, and continue their legacy as true “partners in crime”.
Sam and her husband bought their first home together in Denver in early 2019; she is ready to help her clients navigate the market and create a turnkey process, while also partnering with her sister to provide clients access to luxury leisure travel opportunities and build a team of travel concierges to join Habitats by Kat.
Are you ready to make the biggest purchase you’ll probably ever make? Are you ready for a change of scenery and to book your next vacation? Are you interested in taking on a new challenge in your own career?
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