We’re Homeowners!

We’re Homeowners!
After a couple of years in an apartment building and moving from a two-bedroom to a one-bedroom to save money, we were itching to get out and buy something to call our own. But I’ll admit, it felt daunting to save enough money to put down on a house and the market in Denver was already booming after we moved so it almost felt impossible at first.
As we planned for our wedding, we decided to trade up an exotic honeymoon in Tahiti for a more cost effective but equally as relaxing and desirable road trip closer to home. This ended up being one of the best decision for our future plans. 
Before our wedding we had spoken to a broker who a friend had recommended to us but I wasn’t convinced we were ready to make such a big decision. But, after our wedding, with the extra months of savings I started to feel more prepared. Phil had been ready to start looking for a house, but I’m always a little more cautious, wanting to ensure we had the savings lined up before we started the process. 
In early 2019, even though I was still a little hesitant, we started the process. We started browsing areas in Denver with our broker and worked with a lender to get pre-approved. Getting pre-approved and speaking at length with our lender was the biggest piece that provided me the reassurance that we could do this – she outlined several loan options, different amounts to put down and explained PMI. It all seemed more possible than ever! And in March, we went under contract on a new construction townhome and closed in April. 
Although homeownership does come with its challenges (repairs, maintenance, etc.), we’ve never felt more a part of the Denver community. It’s an amazing feeling to know that we’ve made an investment and we’re excited to watch our neighborhood grow and change.

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